Omnis Cyber Intelligence NDR Platform

A Platform for Advanced Network Threat Detection and Response

Omnis® Cyber Intelligence is a platform for Advanced Network Threat Detection and Response that helps security teams easily detect, validate, investigate, and respond to threats. Reduce the impact of cyberthreats with a digital forensics system that also integrates with popular Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms.

Benefits of our NDR Solution

Comprehensive Network Visibility

Meet the foundational requirement for cyber threat security with visibility across physical and hybrid-cloud infrastructure.

Contextual Cybersecurity Investigation

Contextual cyber threat investigation and hunting using a robust source of metadata and packets.

Smart Detection

Threat detection using curated threat intelligence, behavioral analysis, open source data, and advanced analytics.

Anywhere, Everywhere Visibility 
Armed with comprehensive visibility and Smart Data, security teams can perform cybersecurity investigations throughout the entire network, whether on-premises or in the cloud — during and after their digital transformation and application migration projects into AWS.
Omnis Cyber Intelligence provides advanced indexing and retrieval technology, supplemented by an intuitive and flexible user interface. And with our SIEM integration, Omnis Cyber Intelligence helps drill down into the details in a single advanced network detection and response solution.

Omnis Cyber Intelligence

Omnis Cyber Intelligence Features

Smart Data

Smart Data

Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology and ATLAS® Threat Intelligence add context and analytics to turn packet data into actionable insights.

Smart Instrumentation

Smart Instrumentation

Leverage scalable, multi-form-factor Omnis CyberStream instrumentation for comprehensive visibility across the entire network, including hybrid-cloud environments.

Smart Cybersecurity Investigation

Smart Cybersecurity Investigation

An intelligent meta data and packet retrieval system enables guided contextual or ad hoc unguided investigations to determine extent of a breach and necessary remediation.

NDR Platform Use Cases

NETSCOUT provides continuous intelligence and real-time detection of all network activity to halt attackers in their tracks.

NETSCOUT provides the most comprehensive attack surface observability in the industry.

NETSCOUT provides detailed visibility of all activity across the enterprise providing up to the minute contact tracing to stop the attack in its tracks with an advanced NDR platform.

NETSCOUT provides visibility throughout the dwell time of an incident with full context to restore normal operation with shortest downtime during your cybersecurity incident investigation.

NETSCOUT integrates with existing ecosystems (e.g., SIEM & EDR) to fill gaps in network visibility and improve incident response time.

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