Ensure unstoppable and efficient work of applications through protection and monitoring at any scale

NETSCOUT is a technology leader and vendor of network and application performance analysis and management solutions, as well as DDoS attacks and cyber threat protection solutions

NETSCOUT's unique approach and deep technical expertise allow to help our customers solve today’s biggest challenges for the most complex infrastructure

Security Solutions

A portfolio of information security products providing comprehensive network visibility, threat detection, investigation, and protection.

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    Omnis Cyber Intelligence

Get advanced network threat detection and response (NDR) solution that helps reduce the impact of cyber threats

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    Omnis Arbor Edge Defence

Set up intelligently automated, hybrid DDoS protection, and edge defense for your Enterprise

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    Arbor Anti-DDoS for Providers

Provide automated DDoS attack detection, intelligently orchestrated mitigation, and a platform for revenue generation

Performance Solutions

Enterprise performance management solutions providing network, application and end-user experience monitoring

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Analyse, monitor and assure availability and performance of network and applications across whole infrastructure in real-time

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Improve the performance of your business services and the end-user experience via the synthetic test monitoring platform

Smart Data technology

NETSCOUT's unique Smart Data technology distills real-time, precise, and relevant intelligence from all connected services and their interactions, establishing a panoramic real-time view of the digital connections between applications, users, and services.

    Systems run more efficiently
    User demands are met faster and more accurately
    Threats are detected and thwarted before they cause chaos and irrefutable damage
    Applications run more continuously
    Businesses save money and drive growth and innovation
    IT and technology teams deliver the digital experience required to excel and succeed

Useful materials

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NETSCOUT Arbor: how a solution helped an international bank prevent DDoS attacks

An international bank suffered from a hacker attack and needed immediate help to repel it and minimize the consequences. Thanks to the Arbor solution, the bank could limit costs related to the loss of productivity of the organization and support the continuity of processes in the future.
How exactly it happened – read in a new case from NETSCOUT!

You will learn:
 The situation of NETSCOUT's client – an international bank●  How NETSCOUT Arbor helped repel a hacker attack●  What result the client got● The capabilities and technical characteristics of the NETSCOUT solution

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