Network Performance Management: How NetScout helps keep your infrastructure running efficiently

webinar | February 28 | 13:00 EET

Speaker: Vlad Samoilenko, Sales Engineer, BAKOTECH

About webinar

I know everything about you.
I know how you work.
I know what you lack and where you need help.
I know how to optimize traffic flow.
I am NetScout.

NetScout is a vendor that provides next-generation visibility to help customers achieve never-been-done-before levels of performance and security. It helps to relieve other solutions, monitors everything that happens in the network and detects potential "gaps".

We're hosting a webinar to tell you why your company needs Network Performance Management and to discuss modern solutions that will help you improve. You will learn more about full visibility and full monitoring solutions and get an answer to the main question - how to ensure the efficient operation of the infrastructure


  • 1

    General information about NetScout and its solutions 

  • 2

    NPM by NetScout: How the solution keeps systems running smoothly 

  • 3

    Solution architecture and product line

  • 4

    A capture architecture for virtualization and physics. Killer features

  • 5

    NBAD and its integration with Arbor 


Ready to learn how to ensure the efficient operation of the infrastructure?