How to protect infrastructure from DDoS attacks?

webinar | November 30 | 11:00 EET

About webinar

For businesses, weak DDoS protection means a high risk of slowing down or blocking services. So alongside the decrease in customer loyalty, the company's revenues also decline.

Arbor by NetScout is a world-renowned solution that has built reliable infrastructure protection against DDoS attacks for about 20 years. Thanks to the vendor's vast experience, the solution offers a library of statistical data, acquainting users with current attacks and general trends.

Join a webinar to learn why you should replace minimal protection with something more solid and high-quality, talk about the principle of operation of the Arbor solution, and discover how to protect your business from "well-wishers" and ensure the stable operation of services. 


  • 1

    NetScout: monitoring the operation of services based on raw traffic

  • 2

    Arbor solution: what it consists of and how it is installed 

  • 3

    What is DDoS 

  • 4

    How exactly Arbor helps protect against DDoS attacks 

  • 5

    Features of Stateless Inspection. Pros and cons 

  • 6

    Integration with NBAD NetScout 

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November 30 | 11:00 EET Webinar language: Russian 
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